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Picadera is your online shop for Iberian and Baroque riding equipment. The focus is on high-quality products for you and your horse - made in manufactories, mainly in Spain and Portugal. But Picadera is also about the stories behind the products: the stories of the craftsman's workshops, some of which are over 150 years old, and the people who work there and love equestrian sports just as much as you and I do.

The story behind the shop

I also bring my own story - and maybe it's not so dissimilar to yours.
I have been a passionate equestrian for over 30 years. I first learned to ride on ponies in the countryside, then I grew up in the classic FN riding on warmbloods. By chance, during my studies, I ended up at a stable where everything was done a bit differently than I had been used to - they worked in hand, side gaits had a completely new significance and even school ponies were allowed to learn to piaffe. This was my first point of contact with classical Iberian dressage. This credo, that dressage is there for the horse and not the other way around, can be found today in more and more riding styles - for me personally it is closely connected to Iberian riding.
It didn't take long and I bought my first baroque horse - Filiberta, a Knabstrupper-Andalusian horse- mare. Since the beginning of 2013, when she was three and a half, I have been training Filiberta classically-Iberian with the support of experienced trainers, and I keep attending courses and seminars on different topics. In 2014 I heard for the first time about Working Equitation and was fascinated by the versatility of this equestrian discipline, through which horses with very different conditions could show their respective strengths. So it happened that in 2014 we could already give our tournament debut in the Working Equitation . Since then I can be found regularly at tournaments in Germany.

Equipment as part of the equestrian identity - the idea "Picadera"

For me, the identity as a rider also includes the right, functional equipment that reflects my own personality in this sport. It is not only important to me to find the riding equipment that suits my horse and me, but also the process itself - from the decision for a product to the moment I hold it in my hands. Driven by this, I started in early 2017 to think about how to improve the situation for riders in Germany and Austria who are interested in Iberian and baroque riding, as well as the Working Equitation.
Several months of intensive research followed, as well as trips to Spain and Portugal to meet small and large manufacturers and manufactures on the spot. It is important to me that behind each mark, which is offered on, also a history stands. Because I believe that only those who really enjoy equestrian sports understand what functional riding equipment is all about and how innovation and tradition can be brought together in equestrian sports.
When selecting the articles and designing the online store, two things are particularly important to me: consistently above-average quality and a high degree of functionality. Whether in the store, in the riding arena or at Campo - I want your experience with Picadera to be consistently positive.

Experience riding anew with Picadera

If you ever have a bad experience with Picadera or the products offered here, feel free to drop me a line. I am always happy about feedback - no matter if positive or critical. Because I don't want to stand still. Picadera should continue to grow in the coming years in order to tell many more exciting stories of small and large manufacturers from the Iberian Peninsula.
You are cordially invited to join me on this journey!

Yours, Fanni,

PS: By the way, you can always find the latest pictures of trips and new products on Instagram or Facebook.

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