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Fanni Kovács

I am Fanni, the founder and owner of Picadera. For me, the right, functional equipment is part of my identity as a rider. It is not only important to me to find the riding equipment that suits my horse and me, but also the process - from the decision for a product to the moment I hold it in my hands. Driven by this, I started thinking about how to improve the situation for riders in Germany and Austria who are interested in Iberian and Baroque riding, as well as Working Equitation, at the beginning of 2017. The result is Picadera. If you have any feedback, questions or comments, please send me a message.

curb chain Fasten correctly

Corelli bridle brown-gold with Portuguese Curb Bit Balao  and curb chain at Picadera

A curb chain is always used when you use a lever bit. Lever bits are, for example, a classic dressage curb bit, an Kimblewick or an Pelham. You can find out how to buckle the curb chain correctly and how it works in this article. How the curb chainworks ...

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