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Ready-mixed mash is poured over with hot water at Picadera

Make mash yourself

Mash is a tasty, easily digestible, nutritious and easily digestible feed that can be fed for various health problems and to regenerate the digestive tract. What other benefits mash has for your horse and how you can make mash from just four ingredients...

Make your own fly spray Cover picture at Picadera

Make your own fly spray

With summer and the warm days, more and more flies are returning to our everyday stable life. There are now a lot of fly sprays on the market. One better than the other. Do it yourself recipes are a great and...

Horse treats make yourself easy with just three ingredients at Picadera

Make horse treats yourself

Most of us riders probably have horse treats in our pockets. However, many of the treats that are available as standard are not particularly healthy, as they contain a lot of sugar or artificial additives. In this post, I would therefore like to...