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Does the Baucher bit fit my horse?

The fit of the Baucher bits can be a bit tricky when using this bit shape for the first time - especially when it comes to a Ported Baucher Bit . That's why I keep getting questions about this topic, which I'd like to address in this post.

Is the Ported Baucher Bit too small?

Mostly it is about the fact that my customers have the impression on the horse that the Baucher Bit is too small. In some cases, this is actually true, because they have previously used a bit from a manufacturer who is very generous with the ratio of size to real size and the run-out area of the bit was not measured at the edge. Accordingly, the bits is larger in real size. With López, the size specification corresponds very exactly to the real size. Size 135, for example, is in reality about 135 to max. 137 mm long. Another reason can be that the horse has very fleshy and pronounced lips. Also in this case the choice of one size larger may be indicated.

And then there is the second case: the bit looks too small, but it is not necessarily so. To demonstrate this case, I tested two different bit sizes on my own horse.

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The practical test on the horse

My horse wears size 135 in 99.9% of all cases.For the Baucher bits, which we use in everyday life, I also chose size 135. Because in order toenable a precise influence with the ported mouthpiece , it is essential that it fits properly.As can be seen on the left side of the series of pictures, the bit sits close to the corners of the mouth. When traction is applied to the rein on one side, the side piece of the opposite side pushes the fabric at the corners of the mouth together slightly and the Baucher Bit can "unfold" its lateral action.

In the right row of pictures, my horse is wearing size 145 mm. When standing, this looks quite comfortable at the corners of the mouth. At first, the impression is that this is even more comfortable for the horse because there is more space at the edge for the lips. However, as soon as there is a little more traction on one side, the soft tissue on the opposite side pushes together at the corners of the mouth (as before). And on the side "with traction", the bit slips about a centimetre out of the mouth. As a result, the ported mouthpiece hangs in the air and can develop a life of its own that is unpleasant for the horse. The danger of tilting is also greater. Despite the good first impression, this size is unsuitable and too big for my horse.

Do I have to choose a different size if I want to use rubberbit guards ?

The bits from López are still genuine craftsmanship. This also includes the angular shape of the side pieces. That is why I recommend the use of rubberbit guards for horses with very sensitive mouth angles, as is common practice with Iberian curb bits. The easiest way to attach the rubberbit guards is to first pull it over the upper tree and then over the lower ring. The photos show nicely that the use of bit guards does not necessarily affect the size selection of the bit . Although the bit guards usually have a thickness of 5 mm, they fit well between the mouth angle and side piece even without choosing a larger bit . Accordingly, I would prefer size 135 for this horse, even with a rubberbit guards .

That wasn't vivid enough for you? Here's the video on the topic:


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Fanni Kovács
Fanni Kovács

I am Fanni, the founder and owner of Picadera. For me, my identity as a rider also includes the right, functional equipment. It is not only important to me to find riding equipment that suits my horse and me, but also the process - from the decision for a product to the moment I hold it in my hands. Driven by this, I started at the beginning of 2017 to think about how to improve the situation for riders in Germany and Austria who are interested in Iberian and Baroque riding, as well as Working Equitation. The result is Picadera. If you have any feedback, questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line.

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