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Horse Boots & Bell Boots

Horse boots and bell boots

To protect the tendons and ligaments of the legs from possible injury during everyday work, there are horse boots. These are placed around the horse's tubular bone and prevent striking, especially during demanding leg work. Picadera offers horse boots made of hard-wearing genuine leather, which is not only breathable but also durable.

Horse boots at Picadera

The Leather horse boots SOFT are in Portuguese style. These classic horse boots are reinforced on the inside for optimum protection. The inner lining is made of easy-care chloroprene rubber. The horse boots can be used for training, riding out or working on the lunge .

The SUAVE model has a synthetic fur so that they fit softly on the horse's leg. The horse boots are in Spanish style and are available in two sizes. Reinforcements on the inside ensure optimum protection.

The Leather horse boots WORKING in Portuguese style are also equipped with a synthetic fur and offer protection for dressage work, the Working Equitation and when riding out.

All horse boots are available in the colours light brown, brown and black. To ensure all-round protection, Picadera offers the respective horse boots for front and hind legs. Velcro fasteners ensure uncomplicated handling and a secure hold on the leg.

Bell boots

To provide optimal leg protection for the horse, there is bell boots. These protect the hoof wall, quarter and the coronet band. Especially in the Working Equitation the legs can be very stressed. In the speed trail, rapid speeds require the appropriate protection to prevent injuries.

Picadera offers two models for bell boots in durable genuine leather. The Bell Boots WORKING are in Portuguese style and can be used for dressage work, Working Equitation and riding out.

The SUAVE model is ideal for baroque riding, Working Equitation and riding in the dressage arena.

The bell boots are both available in the colours tostado/light brown and brown and have a practical Velcro fastening. Synthetic fur at the crown edge prevents chafing.

  • -40% Leather bell boots for Working Equitation and dressage Light brown Picadera

    Leather Bell Boots SUAVE

    45  incl. VAT

    Contains 19% VAT.
  • -40% Leather bell boots for Working Equitation and dressage Brown Picadera

    Leather Bell Boots SUAVE

    45  incl. VAT

    Contains 19% VAT.