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Baucher Bits

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The Baucher bit is now experiencing a true renaissance and is becoming increasingly popular with riders of the Baroque, Iberian, but also classical English riding style due to its special properties. Picadera offers a wide range of Baucher bits made of different materials, such as durable stainless steel, gold-colored brass, nickel-free Sweet Copper or chic, black burnished Sweet Iron. In addition, the Baucher bit is available with a variety of mouthpieces. At Picadera there are both single and double broken mouthpieces, as well as bar mouthpieces with and without port.

Baucher Snaffle & Baucher ported mouthpiece

Baucher bits with single broken mouthpiece have a joint in the middle, which forms a triangle with the tongue when the reins are pulled. Thus, it acts over the tongue edges on the lower jaw, as well as in the area of the corners of the mouth, as it lifts when the reins are pulled.

The ported & mullen mouth bit consists, as the name suggests, of an unbroken, continuous mouthpiece in the shape of a bar. Unlike a single or double snaffle bit it does not only act on the edges of the tongue, but over the entire width of the tongue. This creates an even pressure at shank the reins. The ported & mullen mouth bit also lies very calmly in the horse's mouth because of this. Bars with low port relieve the pressure in the middle of the tongue.

Structure of the Baucher bit

Due to the special construction of the Baucher bit even the single broken mouthpiece does not sag downwards. The upper tree, above the ring for buckling the reins, ensures that the bit hangs straight down at the cheek pieces. This causes the mouthpiece to move minimally towards the incisors, even when chewing. This makes the broken Baucher bit behave similar to a ported mouthpiece in the horse's mouth.

On Baucher bits with English style side pieces, the mouthpiece is connected to the side pieces via a small "olive". This means that the side piece can only be pivoted inwards and outwards and the mouthpiece lies very quietly in the horse's mouth.

The traditional Spanish Baucher side pieces are worked flat. The mouthpiece has a small amount of vertical play, similar to a Sliding Cheek Curb Bit, which allows it to slide along the sides. When the rein is tightened, a minimal time delay develops before the bit takes effect. Thus, the Baucher bit acts less directly. Likewise, the movable mouthpiece encourages the horse - since it can be positioned somewhat in the mouth - to relax the jaw, which can have a positive effect on the entire musculoskeletal system.

Why the Baucher bit has no leverage

The side pieces of the Baucher bit are B-shaped. The mouthpiece lies particularly quietly in the mouth, as it is attached to the bridle via the short upper trees. This means that the side pieces lies close to the corner of the mouth. This buckling also allows the bridle to be positioned sideways.

The structure of the Baucher bit and the associated prevention of sagging of the bit, ensures a more stable position in the horse's mouth. This feature can have a positive effect on the well-being of particularly mouthy horses and horses with a short mouth gap.

The belief that the Baucher bit has leverage is incorrect. The bit is attached to the cheek piece of the bridle via the upper tree. In order to have a leverage effect, you would need a lower tree that acts in conjunction with a curb chain as a counter. However, this is not found on the Baucher bit , which is why no leverage can be created. The bit therefore does not act on the neck.

The correct fit of the Baucher bit

To obtain the optimum effect of the Baucher bit , the correct fit is important. Since the bit has fixed side pieces , care must be taken to ensure that it sits close to the corners of the mouth. This is the only way to properly transmit rein aids to the bit via the rider's hand and ensure targeted execution. To protect the corners of the mouth from irritation, it is recommended to use bit guards . These are only a few millimeters thick and form a protective barrier between side piece and the corners of the mouth. They have no effect on the action of the bit.

The Baucher bit is more stable and quieter in the mouth than a conventional single-broken loose ring snaffle bit. It acts through the corners of the horse's mouth and has no leverage. The Baucher bit can also be used as bradoon in combination with a Curb Bit because the Baucher snaffle does not sag downward, minimizing the risk of the two mouthpieces colliding with each other.

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    Baucher ported mouthpiece made of black burnished iron at Picadera

    Baucher bit VAQUERO low port Sweet Iron

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