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Horse care

Horse care

Proper horse care is not only important to strengthen the bond between rider and animal, but also for the horse's health. Horses have a more alkaline pH value than humans. This is between 4.8 and 6.8. In order not to destroy the natural protective film of the skin, shampoos must be specially adapted to the pH value of horses. Riders should therefore not use a shampoo from the drugstore, because the acidic pH value attacks the protective film of the horse.

The EQUIMOUSSE and EQUIGOLD horse shampoos at Picadera are therefore extra moisturising and enriched with valuable oils to gently care for the coat, mane and tail.

The shampoo should always be rinsed thoroughly with plenty of water to prevent residues in the coat, which can lead to itching. However, excessive washing should be avoided.

If the horse is moving a lot, it doesn't take long for the mane and tail to get knotted. Since horse hair grows very slowly, especially on the tail, you should always start untangling at the bottom of the tips and then work your way up.

To make this easier, there is EQUISTAR coat shine, tail and mane spray. The formula not only ensures easier combing, but also forms a protection against dust and dirt particles at the same time.

Time saving when cleaning

At competitions, time pressure means that things often have to be done more quickly. Grass stains and other dirt are particularly visible on horses with light coat colours. The EQUILUX quick cleaner can help here. It saves time when grooming, as it not only removes annoying stains, but can also remove the grey and dust haze from darker horses.

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