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Baroque breastplates at Picadera

The breastplate serves to prevent the saddle from sliding backwards. Many jerky and sweeping changes of pace, such as on the speed trail at Working Equitation, can encourage shifting. However, it is not a solution for ill-fitting saddles. The breastplate also serves as a chic accessory. It is an eye-catcher at baroque shows and tournaments. The breastplate is attached to the rings on the left and right side of the saddle box via the two shorter straps. The long strap is hooked between the front legs on the middle D-ring of the saddle girth.

At Picadera the Breastplate PORTUGUES Baroque is available in light brown, brown and black cowhide. The model has gold or silver cortesia buckles that match any baroque saddle. For riders who want something more delicate, there is the narrow Breastplate CORELLI in black and brown with gold and silver cortesia buckles.

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