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Classical Iberian Riding Style

The applied dressage - Doma de Campo, Doma Vaquera and Doma de Trabajo

The Doma de Campo refers to the original riding style of the Vaqueros, the Spanish cattle herders. It is characterised by the daily work with the cattle herds and requires a high degree of flexibility and speed from horse and rider. Lessons such as full parades from the canter, traversals, pirouettes and flying changes are used in a very practical way and are indispensable to ensure quick reactions when working in the field.

The predominant gaits are walk and canter. The goal of this riding style is a horse that is sensitive to weight and leg aids, so that the reins are ultimately held with one hand on a bare curb. This leaves the right hand free to guide the garrocha. The garrocha is a wooden stick about 3.5 m long that is used to select the cattle. In Germany, the garrocha is not only a popular tool for elegant shows and show performances. Riding with one hand with the garrocha can also provide valuable new stimuli for training at home - the rider has to focus more on weight and leg aids. The horse's ability to gather and suppleness are promoted.

Doma Vaquera refers to both the riding style of the Vaqueros, as well as the associated tournament discipline. Doma de Trabajo is the Spanish term for competitions in the Working Equitation.

Picadera Iberian Riding

Portuguese Equestrian Culture - Equitação à Portuguesa

Similar to Spain, the Portuguese equestrian tradition, Equitação à Portuguesa, is characterised by cattle work and bull breeding. The Portuguese cattle herder is called campino and also uses a long wooden stick, the pampilho, as a working utensil.

Equitação de Trabalho is the Portuguese name for competitions in the tournament discipline Working Equitation. Portugal is considered one of the leading nations in international competitions.

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Iberian Sombrero Picadera

A hat with a round, wide brim is typical. It protects you from the sun while riding and also looks good.

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