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cavesson Portuguesa - the classic with fixed noseband for lunging and handwork

Whether lunging, groundwork, long reins or classic in-hand work. The rediscovery of working the horse from the ground in recent years has also brought new demands on equipment. Thereby are cavessons for many riders to indispensable companions in the training of their horse become.

The Portuguese-style cavesson

The cavesson Portuguesa is handmade and sewn in Spain. This means that they are sewn with a hand saddler's seam - and not with the machine. Crafted from high quality cowhide and equipped with a fixed nose iron, it combines stability with understated Portuguese design. It is available in different leather and buckle/rim colors in the Picadera online store.

The firm nose iron is lightly padded and covered with leather and ensures a precise action. Therefore, the cavesson Portuguesa is ideal for lunging or for the bitless in-hand work . An unpleasant nutcracker effect, as with many heavier models, is avoided because the nose iron without joints. All three rings are pivoted and made of stainless steel or brass.

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Adaptation of cavesson Portuguesa

To adjust the cavesson optimally, the order in which the straps are adjusted and closed is crucial:

  • First, adjust the crownpiece so that the nose iron sits about two fingers below the cheekbone and four fingers wide above the nostrils.
  • The jaw strap is then closed. It can be moved on the cheek piece for individual adjustment and should be at about eye level. This prevents the cheek piece from slipping near the eyes. The jaw strap should fit tightly, but not so tightly that the neck or cheek strap gets a strong bend.
  • The last thing to do is to close noseband .

This sequence applies to the first adjustment as well as to the everyday fitting of the cavesson. Once the bridle has been correctly adjusted, the crownpiece does not need to be opened for everyday use. However, to ensure the correct fit of the cavesson, the jaw strap should always be closed before noseband .

cavesson Portuguesa with fixed nose iron at Picadera

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Fanni Kovács
Fanni Kovács

I am Fanni, the founder and owner of Picadera. For me, the right, functional equipment is part of my identity as a rider. It is not only important to me to find the riding equipment that suits my horse and me, but also the process - from the decision for a product to the moment I hold it in my hands. Driven by this, I started thinking about how to improve the situation for riders in Germany and Austria who are interested in Iberian and Baroque riding, as well as Working Equitation, at the beginning of 2017. The result is Picadera. If you have any feedback, questions or comments, please send me a message.

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