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Saddle girths

Saddle girths

The girth ensures that the saddle does not slip. It is important that the girth fits well so that the horse can walk freely. The area should be cleaned well beforehand so that no dirt rubs under the girth.

The correct position of the girth

The girth should be at the narrowest part of the belly. There should be a hand's width of space between the front leg and the girth. It is first tightened loosely. The girth is tightened after about ten minutes. Ideally, the girth should be in the middle so that the D-ring for attaching the breastplate is between the two front legs.

Saddle girths at Picadera

To make the girth even more comfortable for the horse and to prevent the girth flaps from coming into contact with the horse, the saddle girth DOMA EXTRA has leather-padded areas at the ends. The girth is anatomically shaped for the best possible pressure distribution. The girth is available in havana brown, brown and black with silver roller buckles.

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