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Category bits

Corelli bridle brown-gold with Portuguese Curb Bit Balao  and curb chain at Picadera

curb chain Fasten correctly

A curb chain is used whenever you use a lever bit. Lever bits are, for example, a classic dressage bit, a Kimblewick or a Pelham. In this article you will learn how to correctly buckle the curb chain and how it works. Mode of action of the curb chain...

Kimblewick on the horse for Picadera

How does the Kimblewick work ?

For many riders it is the perfect bit for the transition from the snaffle to the Curb Bit. And also in the Working Equitation and with riders of Iberian horses the Kimblewick enjoys increasing popularity. In this article you will learn everything about the...

Bit material Stainless steel Kimblewick ported mouthpiece  Vaquero  Mullen Mouth  at Picadera

Denture materials guide

bits are available today in a wide variety of shapes and designs. The selection of bit materials is also very diverse. That's why I'm going to introduce you to the bit materials and their specific properties that you'll find in the range at Picadera . In addition, you will learn...

Simple broken Jointed Baucher Bit Ingles  on bridle Corelli on horse at Picadera

How does the Baucher bit work ?

We riders all know it - the topic bit(e) crosses our paths again and again. Because until you have finally found the perfect bit , it often takes a lot of time. In this blog post I will go into more detail about the Baucher Bit and explain to you...