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What do youmainly want to use the cavesson for?
Particularly important to me is...

Very stable seat: dimensionally stable nose iron that sits securely even when your horse jumps for joy.

Flexible adjustable noseband: Padded with flexible metal core, adapts to any horse nose.

Extra soft noseband without metal: leather noseband that gently hugs.

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Here you can find all our cavessons from Picadera

Just go through the questions step by step and answer them. If you have feedback or questions, please write to us at [email protected]

Although all of our cavessons can be used in many ways, there are differences between them. With this tool we want to help you find the right cavesson for you and your horse. The main difference is the nature of the noseband.

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Then get in touch with us. We are ourselves longtime riders with a lot of experience especially in the area of cavessons

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