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Baroque Curb Bit with flowers application port Black burnished side pieces Picadera  side
Baroque Curb Bit FLORAL Stainless Steel Mullen Mouth with Sweet Iron Shanks

129  incl. VAT

129  incl. VAT

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Baroque Curb Bit FLORAL Stainless Steel Mullen Mouth with Sweet Iron Shanks

129  incl. VAT

Delivery time: 1-2 workdays

Baroque Curb Bit made of black burnished iron. Solid stainless steel Mullen Mouth mouthpiece . Fixed, immovable side pieces with floral applications. Bit thickness 15 mm. Upper beam 5 cm. Lower beam 12 cm. Color: Black burnished with silver mouthpiece.

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Baroque Curb Bit with flower application, burnished sides & Mullen Mouth mouthpiece

Beautiful baroque curb bit made of black burnished iron with brass flower emblem and stainless steel mouthpiece . The mix of materials is wonderful for those who love the black look of burnished iron, but whose horses prefer a non-rusting stainless steelmouthpiece . The slightly S-shaped sides of the Baroque Curb Bit ensure that the horse can't easily catch it with its lips. The Lopez optimized and anatomically shaped Mullen Mouth ported mouthpiece is readily accepted by many horses because it lies very evenly on the tongue and is cushioned by it. Especially horses with very thick and fleshy tongues benefit from the mouthpiece curved over the entire length.

The Curb Bit is manufactured by Lopez in Spain.

If your horse fluctuates between two sizes, we recommend you choose the larger size with this model.


Baroque Curb Bit FLORAL in detail

  • Bit thickness 15 mm
  • Upper tree 5 cm, Lower tree 12 cm
  • Optimized, anatomically shaped Mullen Mouth mouthpiece
  • S-shaped side pieces with brass flower application
  • Black optics with non-rusting at the same time mouthpiece
  • European brand product
  • Made by the leading Spanish manufacturer of burnished metal goods


Care instructions for burnished iron

Rust forms on traditional burnished products or product components after some time. This is due to natural oxidation processes and is not a quality defect, but an essential and desired characteristic of this material. To maintain the dark color, it is recommended to occasionally rub the parts concerned with a cloth soaked in olive oil.


Bit accessories at Picadera

The delivery of Curb Bit is without curb chain. Discover now our authentic bit accessories, such as curb chains in different designs and bit guards in many different colors.

Would you like to learn more about bits? Then take a look at our bit blog.



The more than 160-year history of Frenería y Romanas López
Frenería y Romanas López is a handicraft business founded in 1850 and based in Cortegana, Andalusia. The town is known for its many traditional handicraft businesses, which mainly serve the agricultural production in the region. For example, the ancestors of the current owners, bits and spurs already supplied local riders. At López, the love of craftsmanship and the secrets of producing high-quality metal goods have been passed down from father to son for five generations. Over the centuries, the forging skills and manufacturing processes have been constantly refined. Even today, López combines modern manufacturing processes with traditional craftsmanship. Without losing the knowledge of craftsmanship, traditional products of high quality and contemporary variety continue to be manufactured.
Spanish bits, Stirrups and spurs
Thus, López specialized in the manufacture of metalware for the Spanish and Portuguese equestrian styles, such as bits, Stirrups, as well as slip-on spurs and Vaquera-spurs. The products manufactured by López in the plant in Cortegana are marked with the seal of quality "López". At Picadera you will find selected metal goods from López, such as snaffle bits (Baucher bit , full cheek snaffle bit, Kimblewick) and ported & mullen mouth bits (Baucher bit , Kimblewick, Pelham, Baroque curb bit, Spanish Curb Bit), as well as Spanish Vaquero-spurs and Portuguese slip-on spurs. Stirrups in Spanish Alta Escuala style and Baroque stirrups complete our assortment.

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Weight 0,52 kg

, , mm





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